I’ve always loved writing.

Writing allows you to communicate precisely what you want to say, without your conversational skills, awkwardness, or anything else getting in the way. Music is the same way for me- I feel these mediums are a very direct pathway to the soul, if you allow them to be. God used writing as one way of communicating with us, through the Bible. There is something about writing that is better than a thousand conversations- maybe it is because writing can’t be misheard or misinterpreted as much as words can be. When you write something down it stands there, black on white, as what you believe and what you are trying to convey to the reader. This forces you collect those conversations and thoughts in your head and make them into something tangible. Writing forces us to convey thoughts that are truthful and worthwhile to the reader.

I hope what I write on this blog will be worthwhile to read, though it probably won’t always be.

Please give me a little grace. We all need it- and lots of it.



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