All We Really Need

I am a slow learner in some areas of life. Lately God has been trying to teach me something, and as usual, it has taken a long time of God getting my attention before I listened, much less learned. Even though the learning process is hard sometimes, and I struggle to hear God’s voice in the midst of a distracted life, the lesson God is teaching me is worth knowing. Knowing God’s heart is worth more than, well, anything. While the God’s message is simple, it takes me a long time to fully understand the magnitude of it. So when I finally grasp some bit of truth in the bottom of my heart, I want to hold on to it, to write it down, to shout it to my brothers and sisters, to the whole world- this goof is learning something! God loves me and speaks to a mess-up like me! How amazing is that?!

I am learning that God is truly all I need.

If I proclaim Christ as Lord of my heart, but still live my life in a constant state of trying to fill my heart with (even good) things that is not Christ, then I am missing the point of Christianity. I am missing the point of everything. If we live as if God is an added bonus, or that even if we are living for God but are too concerned with serving him that we forget to sit at his feet, then we are missing the point.

If Jesus is truly who we say we he is, the creator of the universe, the lover and savior of our souls, then Jesus is truly the only thing that matters.

I want to live a life that is content, even joyful, in the trials simply because Christ is all I need. 

Not friends. Not money. Not comfort. Not adventure. Not fame. Not even family. Everything will pass away except for God. He is our only hope. We can only be truly satisfied through Christ.

When all hope is lost, when everything is falling apart around us, when we feel lonely, God will be with us. His undeserved love will be our joy. His mercy will take our shame. His presence will be our comfort.

Christ is truly all we need.

It may not be very profound, but it sure feels good to get something through my head. Love ya everybody.


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