Faith like Flying

I love flying. Recently I was able to feel the amazing sensation of leaving the ground once again as I returned from a family funeral to good ol’ pdx. The earth is a vast mosaic of miuntains, rivers, roads, and cities looking down from on high. When you’re thousands of feet above the earth it really helps to give you a better perspective on life.  On an airplane you are pulled out of daily routine, lifted out of the normal, enclosed in a metal tube with a few other souls, skyrocketing through the sky. 

Flying, though wonderful, requires faith. You must have faith that the pilot knows what he’s doing, faith that the jet is air-worthy, faith that the turbulence will not get dangerously rough. No matter how scientifically proven, even the most disbelieving souls must have faith in the plane at the moment of liftoff. Faith exists where explanation ends. Faith exists the magnitude of the belief is far greater than the importance of you as an individual. When I look down at the great accomplishments of humankind from the sky, I’m not impressed. We are simply ants, making tracks and marring the earth with as much power as we can muster. No matter how many explanations about life here on earth exist, there comes a time when the weakness of man is finally visible. This is the moment after a near wreck, when your hand goes to your chest, and your heart to your throat. We all know the feeling- weakness, insignificance, a lack of understanding. 

It’s in this recognition of weakness that we can begin to have faith. We can believe that despite our lack of understanding, we can have faith in God’s plan for us. We can have a steady hope that God has things under control, that though we are weak, he is strong. 

At the final moment of takeoff, the final step of life we can have faith in a hope greater than us. As I returned from the family funeral, I considered my Aunt Dot’s faith throughout her final days. It is faith in him that will hold us through the trials. 

Faith is everything. Have faith brothers and sisters. Have faith. 

-Unseen Things-

Layers of life lie far below

Our bodies flung through space

Different stories every one

We’re all traveling someplace

Rocketing on unseen things 

Fueled by dreams and rusty hope 

But I won’t stop when we have landed

I still have not reached home

This plane may dive down back to earth

And kiss the ground again

Once more obeying gravity

But I’ll won’t be landing yet 

My hope remains high in the clouds

Along with my head some say

But faith is not to see the air

But to fly on anyway



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