The Sunlight Principle

Yesterday I was reminded how easily we put our hope of satisfaction in things other than God. Like a blaring advertisement, the things I put my hope in showed me how they could never, ever satisfy like God can.

However as I thought about it, I noticed that usually I simply don’t use God as a means of true satisfaction, but more of a punishment for chasing the things of this world. As if I’ve been trying to pursue earthly things, and then I send myself to the “God” timeout box. And of course I’m making myself miserable.

So many Christians I know, even those pursuing God whole heartedly, erroneously have this idea too, that they should punish themselves for chasing fulfillment, in an almost a modern-age Quaker ideology.  We somehow think that unless we are miserable and depressed, worried that we love the world too much, we are not walking close with God. We worry about God’s leading in our life, but don’t do much for him in the here and now. We want to be happy, but we want to punish ourselves into some righteous holy person- as if we could make ourselves righteous.

But God has a better plan. God is the only true satisfaction in life. Trying to make yourself miserable for God will get you nowhere. 

Consider this:

God is like the sun, blazing hope, grace and goodness into our lives.  Because we have let him into our lives, everywhere we look his light is there. His hope is all around us, even in seemingly everyday or worldly things.

God’s path is not one to battle “chasing evil worldly fulfillment.”

God’s path creates a whole new world for us. 

Everywhere we look he is there. God never invented the “close ourselves of from the world” mentality. We legalistic Christians did. This doesn’t give us a license to sin, because true fulfillment, of course, won’t come out of sinning. If we follow the path he has for us, we will be satisfied in this world, by his light on our situation and in his timing.

We sit staring at the candle of our own “holiness” while true joy in him is waiting for us outside.

So be joyful! Soak him in! For a life in him has joy and fulfillment. Follow him, and he will fulfill the desires of your heart.

Smile Christian. It’s okay to be happy.


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